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Self-hypnosis course

Carolyn runs a 6 week self-hypnosis course three times a year. Existing clients are invited to contact Carolyn, who willl advise whether this course is likely to benefit you.

This is a practical course, meaning that most of the time will be spent in hypnosis, practicing the art - very relaxing!

Each week builds on the one prior so it is important but not essential to attend them all.

All course material will be uploaded to a password protected page.

The aim of the course is to train students in the art of self-hypnosis, in order to empower self change. Once this has been mastered then we can build on techniques to manage all kinds of issues. The techniques can be moulded to suit the individual and are often interchangeable for a number of conditions.

The course will be conducted in a group setting of no more than 6 students. The environment will be relaxed and friendly. The setting is not conducive to addressing each student's personal needs. These would be best approached in a private consultation. This is liberating as there is no pressure to self-disclose nor listen to others' self disclosure either.

You don't need to have been hypnotised prior but it would be helpful.

This is not instead of face to face hypnotherapy sessions but designed to enhance them.

Issues that will be covered over the six weeks are: -
     1. Self hypnosis - overview
     2. Stress
     3. Confidence
     4. Changing habits
     5. Sleep
     6. Pain

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand how self hypnosis can be used for individual benefit
  • To be able to enjoy practising the art of self hypnosis
  • To empower the student to address their own personal desired outcome
  • To learn how to relax and see the world differently

Sessions Start at 7pm on Fridays.

Sessions last 1½ hours.

A payment of £90 is required via bank transfer one week prior to the course start date (bank details will be provided).

This is affordable hypnotherapy!