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HypnoAcupuncture is a novel approach developed by myself. It has evolved as a treatment due to my successful experience with both hypnotherapy and acupuncture. HypnoAcupuncture combines the wonderful effects of acupuncture with the successful techniques of hypnotherapy for some outstanding results in the relief of chronic troublesome symptoms, thoughts, feelings or behaviours. It is suitable for most conditions.

As a new treatment, much is to be learnt, but there is some evidence to suggest that it acts synergystically. This means that the beneficial effect is greater than might be expected by adding hypnotherapy to acupuncture - each further enhances the other.

Advice will be given as to which therapy would be most suited to your presenting unwanted condition when you attend for your initial free consultation.

The following pages describe the separate treatments in more detail.

'A happy life consists of tranquility of mind.'